I've started to write up some documentation for the OS on the project's wiki.

If you want to help out with the project, I recommend you first read all the current documentation to get an overview of how the API and GUI work. Also see if you can complete the Getting Started tutorial.

After that, here is a list of things you could work on:
  • Rewrite the multi-line textbox control
  • Rewrite the image viewer
  • Making a modern dark-mode visual style
  • ... And possibly more things

If any of those sound interesting, please visit #essence on the Handmade Network Discord where I can give more information. Furthermore, if you have any feedback on the documentation, please talk to me about it there as well.

Simon Anciaux,
I wanted to try it out, but I only have a Debian 32bit machine and an Arch linux 64bit VM. I try to build in the virtual machine but after running out of virtual memory (I changed my swap partition to fix that) I ran out of disk space (this VM was not meant to use a lot of space). I'll probably try to make a new virtual drive with more space (when I figure out how to make that work), but would it be possible for you to provide some binary of essence that we could run without compiling everything ? Or provide the build system so at least I don't need to compile that ?

Also since it runs in qemu, I suppose it would be a bad idea to run it from a Arch linux running in virtual box on windows ?

Do you have a Windows computer? Perhaps you could try using Cygwin to build the OS.
Again, visit #essence on the Handmade Network Discord if you are having trouble getting it to work.