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Booting on real hardware?

The video demonstration on https://gitlab.com/nakst/essence/-/tree/master/ shows that Essence can already run on real hardware. How can I reproduce that? I found out that start.sh can create a ISO of Essence, but I wasn't able to boot it anywhere. I did the following:

Create a ISO: ./start.sh live iso 200
Write it to a USB stick: sudo dd if=bin/essence.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M conv=fsync status=progress

My laptop tried to boot it, the screen only turned on for a second, turned off, turned on again and then booted the OS from the internal hard disk instead. My desktop computer didn't even detect that there's a OS on the USB stick. What did I do wrong? Or is my hardware not supported?

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Booting on real hardware?

Hi, I'm working on getting making it easier to build images of the operating system that can run on real hardware. To get it running on real hardware at the moment there are various configuration settings that need to be modified in the build system, and there's also the issue of BIOS/UEFI boot methods.

I'm also aiming by the end of the year to have pre-built images that people can try.

So unfortunately the answer is you'll have to wait a few weeks. You can create a issue on the GitLab repository if you want to track the progress of this :)

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Booting on real hardware?
Replying to nakst (#25638)

Thanks for the clarification. I'm looking forward to try the pre-built images. That would make things much easier of course. I have no problem with waiting a few weeks. I don't have a Gitlab account but I'll check out whether there's something new every week or so.